Full management of the prevention

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VISOR FALL ARREST NETS NETS offers a service of complete prevention management for building sites : civil Works, housing or industrial building, at all times we seek the collective safety solution that best adapts to the demands of the Health and Safety Plan giving the guarantee of the compliance with the legislation in force in this field. Amongst other things we do :


The technical department analyzes in detail the different summaries of the Safety Plan in order to identify the weak points and vulnerabilities. Furthermore they carry out a study to determine which are the preventive measures to recommend. They also prepare the different annexes to the Safety Plan and supervise that the determined measures are implemented on the site.

Supply of materials

VISOR FALL ARREST NETS supplies all the materials necessary to ensure that the preventive actions determined in the Safety Plan or highlighted by our technical team and included in the different annexes may be carried out.

Installation, maintenance and dismantling of the protections

Our workers are those in charge of installing the different collective protection systems. We carry out all the tasks derived from the installation and mounting of these elements, installation, maintenance, dismantling, etc…