ProductosAll works at height executed in the construction of all types buildings and structures pose a high risk to the safety of workers.

To avoid or minimize these risks, there are on the market a series of certified or approved solutions that try to ensure the safety of people and materials.

VISOR FALL ARREST NETS designs and manufactures products and systems of collective security with safety nets and metal elements.

VISOR FALL ARREST NETS provides services for training and installation of its systems.

Certified system V Type

Certified system S Type

Certified system U Type

Certified system T Type

Safety systems for under structure

Systems for boundary fencing

We are also specialized in the design, production and installation of various systems of collective protection for bridges and viaducts.

Safety net systems for double T beams.

Safety net systems for trough beams (anchoring to edge panel)

Safety net systems for trough beams (anchoring to beam)