Certified system Type S

  • Visor-Fall-Arrest-Nets-Certified-system-S-Type-550×385
  • Visor-Fall-Arrest-Nets-S-Type-550×385

Safety net certified EN-1263-1 S A2 M100 Q ó EN-1263-1 S B1 M60 Q, made of high tenacity nylon or polypropylene with anti UV treatment.

Certified system S Type (horizontal nets)


It is a system of fall arrest useful for the installation of metal structures in industrial constructions, skylights, Interior yards or building gaps.


Safety net EN-1263-1. Safety standard EN-1263 NET defines the minimum size of the net whose lesser side shall exceed 5 meters and its’ surface more than 35 m2

Tying rope. Certified En-1263-1 type M (effort to traction >30 kN) or type Z (effort to traction >15 kN) used with double load branch. To anchor the nets to the actual structure ( Para anclar las redes a la propia estructura (trusses or arcades) in the case of industrial constructions.

Joining rope. Certified En-1263-1 type O (effort to traction >7,5kN It has the function of joining the net panels together.

This type of net is usually placed on sites such as industrial buildings, bridges, viaducts, flyovers of civil works, etc. The usual thing is to use tailor made nets, to better adapt them to the work site.